What you need to know about Metro Vancouver’s Organic Waste Ban

New rules for organic waste such as food scraps are coming into effect for the Metro Vancouver region this year. The changes will affect a wide cross-section of Metro Vancouver businesses and residents, including waste haulers, public facilities, the food services industry, multi-family buildings, and some single family homes.  Here’s an overview of some of the key things you need to know, plus links to alternate language versions of the video: (French, JapaneseMandarin, Punjabi, and Tagalog). For additional information and background, visit the Metro Vancouver Organics Disposal Ban web page.

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Sun Editorial Says WTE Deserves Consideration

Edmonton waste management centre

Edmonton’s Waste Management Centre turns solid waste residuals into bio-fuels. Source: City of Edmonton

An October 3rd editorial by the Vancouver Sun crunches the numbers on waste generation in our region. The conclusion?  Waste-to-energy is a proven option that residents of Metro Vancouver should consider:

“In Vancouver, for example, just over 600,000 inhabitants generated 557,334 tonnes of waste last year. Sort that into commercial, demolition and residential waste and it turns out that the average citizen produces about half a tonne of garbage a year.”



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Global TV Report on Garbage Disposal in Metro Vancouver



Some garbage disposal companies are bypassing the Metro Vancouver solid waste disposal system because they don’t want to pay their share of the cost of managing waste and waste diversion in the region.   Global TV tracked the shipment of this waste and explored the impact this is having on our region’s waste management system.