Sun Editorial Says WTE Deserves Consideration

Edmonton waste management centre

Edmonton’s Waste Management Centre turns solid waste residuals into bio-fuels. Source: City of Edmonton

An October 3rd editorial by the Vancouver Sun crunches the numbers on waste generation in our region. The conclusion?  Waste-to-energy is a proven option that residents of Metro Vancouver should consider:

“In Vancouver, for example, just over 600,000 inhabitants generated 557,334 tonnes of waste last year. Sort that into commercial, demolition and residential waste and it turns out that the average citizen produces about half a tonne of garbage a year.”



The editorial goes on to recognize the significant progress made in cities across Metro Vancouver when it comes to waste reduction:

“The success of these strategies has been remarkable. In Vancouver, for example, per capita waste generation has been trending downward with satisfying consistency since 2007. Overall, the diversion rate for municipal waste has improved from 37 per cent in 1994 to almost 60 per cent in 2014.”

But despite these advances, the editorial notes that population growth in our region will mean increased waste:

“At current rates of per capita waste generation, population growth will add another 530,000 tonnes of waste annually — that would mean two Library Squares of garbage per year.”

And goes on to say that these factors mean waste-to-energy initiatives deserve serious consideration, so that current residents in our region aren’t leaving the problem of waste to future generations.

“Not all garbage can be burned; not all garbage can be recycled. But it all must be effectively dealt with if we are to avoid being buried — or burying somebody else — in our own waste.”

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