Bylaw 280 Supports Local Recycling

Metro Vancouver has a thriving recycling sector but these businesses are under threat due to the practice of trucking waste out of our region to avoid disposal bans.

Ed Walsh, V.P of operations for Emterra Environmental is concerned, “The economics of a potentially lower tipping fee somewhere else that included both waste and recycling, would adversely affect us.”
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Got questions about the role of Waste to Energy in Metro Vancouver’s strategy to manage garbage in the region?
We’ve got answers.

Metro Vancouver Waste to Energy website

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Metro Vancouver launched a dedicated section of its website to provide context for, and factual information about, the recovery of energy and useful materials from waste that would otherwise be buried in a landfill.
Features on the site include quick access to real time air quality information in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, videos of WTE proponents presenting on their proposed projects, scientific studies on issues related to WTE facilities and links to websites that describe modern facilities around the world.

“It is extremely important that our citizens and businesses have easy, intuitive access to detailed, fact-driven and scientifically sound information as they consider how we as a region deal with those wastes that we cannot currently divert from disposal,” said Malcolm Brodie, Chair of the Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee.

Metro Vancouver has successfully operated a WTE facility in Burnaby for more than 25 years, and is in the process of acquiring additional WTE capacity as it moves away from the use of landfills for untreated waste.

Metro Vancouver Waste to Energy website